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An digital real estate agency that helps connect property owners and tenants, buyers and sellers directly.


Research, IA, UX / UI, App Design, Iconography


Mobile Application


Staylia INC.


May - Jul 2020



The Beginning

Staylia, an online real estate space that eases the process of buying, selling and renting apartments, villas, lands and commercial properties. Also, it must promotes the catalog of real estates to the potential customers base. Their main focus was to simplify the search and sale for a property free of market complication and fake listings to avoid endless site visits and anonymous agent calls.

The client wanted to create a unique property search platform that filled the gaps left by others in the market. Also to build a user experience that would engage the existing and new users across all platforms through a myriad of work streams. Thus becoming the most trusted place to find or sell a property in India and Middle east.

Staylia illustration

For my research I decided to use ethnography research, the objective of this type of research is to gain insights into how users interact with things in their natural environment. This as done in two methods passive observations and contextual interviews. I mainly focused on understanding their needs, tasks expected, usage, technology expertise, and information they wanted from the app.

After understanding the needs from the users, I had a detailed discussion (using various scenarios and storyboards) with company stakeholders, agents, BD and marketing teams. Based on the points/objectives arrived through interview, empathy mapping and tree testing, fictional personas of target users were created and key understandings were derived.


and Focus Point

and Focus Point

User Interview

Empathy Map

Tree Testing

User Personas

Aleia Sabbagh, 32

Buyer/Renter - UAE


  • Hard to find honest landlord/property owners/agents.
  • Spending time on fake listings and litigation.
  • Knowing all information before site visits.


  • Find dream house within her budget quickly.
  • Property should be close to school, office, shopping area and medical centre.

Arjun Goshi, 32

Owner - India


  • Managing multiple properties, site visits and legal assets.
  • Not able to find credible clients/tenants.
  • Hard to fill all the details myself.


  • Find genuine and potential buyers/tenants.
  • Should be easily able to follow up on leads without spending much time.

Maria Johnson, 28

Real Estate Agent - UAE


  • Challenging to expand and furnish her service to larger client base.
  • Proof herself credible and reliable.
  • Overcome market competition and gain leads.


  • Find authentic owners/buyers/tenants.
  • Easily manage multiple listings, site visits and prospectives.

SJ property developers

Agency - India


  • Show our company as experts among the market competition.
  • Expanding our sphere of influence.
  • Adapting to latest technology trends.


  • List all the properties and generate good clients.
  • Showcase ourselves as moral, experienced, and legitimate professionals.

Key Understandings


The biggest goal must be to create a app that needs to be unique from most of the market competitetors.


Design mobile app to maintain visual consistency, provide ease in navigation, discoverability, and create seamless experience.


Analyze factors contributing to customer behavior to know what they want before they do.


For Sellers, to be display quality information and get authentic leads from potential buyers and agents.


For buyers/renters, show trustworthy information through highlighting the property standards and legibility of the seller/agent company.


For agents/agency, showcase their listings, area of expertise, schedule structured site visits, and also proving themself legitimate.


and User Flow

and User Flow

Alongside the research, user and competitor analysis, I also narrowed down on the context specific colour palette to focus on industry standard and explore creative attributes to mould the app unique from the similar ones.

I also build the userflow map to sort and achieve meaningful goals, easy business decision making for the client team, and overall arrive at a common standpoint features.

Color and Typography


A symbol of royalty and wealth. Color that inspires compassion, quality, and authenticity.


A symbol of intuitive and insightful. Color that gives a sense of assurance, energy, and warmness.


Combining the qualities of both the colors as a gradient.

Staylia illustration

Shape Psychology

As I intended to design the visual objects using geometric shapes that people see daily including squares, circles, rectangles, and others. To make even more relatable to the client's business (simply speaking buildings) I created the visual elements to represent buiding blocks.

This inturn helped me better connect with the users and create much more unique and user-friendly interfaces.

Early User Flow

Once the early userflow was built and approved, I worked on creating the low fidelity wireframes to help establish the layout content and functionality of the app. While designing I took the key points and user journeys into account. This is helped me in providing the client with an visual guide that represent the skeletal framework and information architecture of the project.


and Prototype

and Prototype


App Design

App Design

Once we were quite clear on what the layouts, features, discoverability, usability, information architecture, and user flow from few wireframe iterations. I was on Figma again and started crafting the high fidelity final designs.

Home Screen

Advanced Search Filter

Agent Map View

Property Listing (List & Map View)

Empty States

Staylia illustration

"It is always inspirational to work with Niranjan and we have been giving project (around 7+ web and mobile app) to him since 2016. In every project, he spend time hearing out requirement, doing multiple research and comes up with best design satisfying both users and our business."

- Vineeth MK, Staylia INC.

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